• Bjorn Frantzen Starflow Cooking Class (Series), Joakim Svensson (Director)

  • Grass Fed Coffee (Promotional Media)

  • Discerning What Matters (Podcast), Hosted by Johann Berlin CEO TLEX Institute

  • We Have To Go (Short), Johan Bodell (Director) Cannes Film Festival


  • Director Reel, Monique Rosario (Director/Editor)

  • Director Reel, Joakim Svensson (Director/Editor)

  • Waking Up In Crazy Town (Short), Nathan Shelton (Director)

  • Courageous Life (Podcast), Hosted by Joshua Steinfeldt

  • The Cabin (Feature), Johan Bodell (Director)


  • Living With Type I Diabetes (Short/PSA), Joakim Svensson (Director) 2017

  • Disappear (Short), Joakim Svensson (Director) 2016

  • Skogens Kol (Documentary), Johan Bodell (Director) 2015 Cannes Film Festival

  • Leave No Man Behind (Music Video), Joakim Svensson (Director) 2014, Featuring Chaye Tione

  • Other People (Short), Joakim Svensson (Director) 2014 Santa Barbara International Film Festival

  • Equalizer (Short) 2012 Santa Barbara International Film Festival

  • No Man Left Behind (Music Video), Joakim Svensson (Director) 2014

  • A Year Without War (Promo), Joakim Svensson (Director) 2014

  • Paradise Cafe (Short), Benjamin Goalabre (Director) 2013 Cannes Film Festival

  • Killer Raise (Short), Johan Bodell (Director)-Winner 2013 Exit Film Festival

  • Surrealistiska Verkligheten (Short), Johan Bodell (Director) 2013 Exit Film Festival

  • Skinny (Short), Joakim Svensson (Director) 2013

  • The Way Down (Short), Johan Bodell (Director) 2013

  • What If (Short) 2013

  • The Longest Run (Short) 2013

  • The Watchers (Short) 2013