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I am a composer living in California. I create music that is unique for each project by expressing and enhancing the emotions on screen.   I work with ultra-realistic sample software to create anything from minimalistic suites to full orchestral arrangements for commercial use, short form media, and feature films. My work has been featured at Cannes (Paradise Cafe and Skogens Kol) as well as several other International Film Festivals in Europe and the United States. Using state of the art software and modern techniques I will create an organic musical signature for your project. 

DAW: Logic X, Studio One

Spitfire: Albion I, Albion V, Olafur Arnolds Composer Toolkit, Olafur Arnolds Evolutions, Solo Strings, Harp, Hans Zimmer Percussion, Spitfire Percussion, Andy Findon Kit Bag, Leo Abrahams Enigma, Simcock Felt Piano, Orchestral Grand, Artisan Cello, Artisan Violin, eDNA 

Cinesamples: CineBrass, CineWinds, Voxos, Piano in Blue, Drums of War, Hollywood Winds, Dulcimer, CineHarp

AudioBro: LA Scoring Strings (Full)

Orchestral Tools: Berlin Strings, The Orchestral Grands, Symphonic Sphere

8dio: Agitato Strings, Legacy Grand Piano

Native Instruments: Massive, Retro Machines, The Giant, Action Strikes

XLN Audio: Addictive Drums, Addictive Drums 2, Addictive Keys

Embertone: Erhu, Chapman Trumpet, Sax

Parallax Audio: Virtual Sound Stage 2